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The examples below are just a taste of what is possible. Ask any question and get valuable insights in no time.

You: chart anything!

AI shows you the best chart for your data.

You: top selling products in the last week

AI shows you the bestselling products of the last week with a good chart.

You: who is the best customer?

AI shows you some charts and tables to help you find the best

You: Which products are frequently bought together?

AI analyses customer data to identify products that are often frequently purchased together, and presents the results

You: I want to find the #2 that is similar to the #1

AI shows you things similar to #1. and tells you how to findthem.

You: Which marketing campaign had the highest ROI?

AI compares the ROI of different marketing campaigns and presents the results with a chart.

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Revolutionary AI and Uncompromising Security

Our service is powered by cutting-edge AI technology, and we take security seriously by processing your CSV files directly in your browser's memory without any server uploads. Our platform has been meticulously designed with rigorous safeguards to uphold your privacy and prevent your data from ever leaving your device. With us, you can confidently use our service with complete peace of mind.

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